Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Away We Go!

Oh yes! I forgot something, even if I did just post about five minutes ago. This past weekend was really fun and busy, but one of the things I did was go to see the movie "Away We Go" with John Krasinski and Maya Rudolph.

It was reaaally good, a little off-beat, and hilarious. It was really relatable of being a mid twenty something and in a serious relationship. It reminded me of boyfriend and I in a lot of ways, you know, trying to figure your life and developing your roots kinda stuff?
Anyway, I highly recommend it.

Also how cute and funny are Maya Rudoph and John Krasinski?? VERY!

ps maya rudolph is one of the actresses filming a movie in my town right now and i so wish i could see her just to tell her how good this movie was.

pps john krasinski is a massachusetts boy, gotta love that!

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