Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A must read, a must see, and a must eat! Haha

So where I have I been lately? I have been abandoning my poor blog! I even missed fabulous friday last week. Unacceptable.

But it's the end of the school year so I have been super busy... only 6 more days and field day. SO excited for summer. It's just so nice and relaxing. I am freaking out though that I haven't taught the kids enough this year, but I guess every teacher worries about that. I worry that they still have more to learn but I atleast I know that since I teach math they will see the same concepts again and again in the coming years. I am going to miss my little kiddos though, they make me laugh so much.

In other news I have three recommendations for you.

The first is this book:

Firefly Lane by Kristin Hannah

I just finished it and it was sooo GOOD. She has a lot of books and this is the first one I have read. Sometime I am wary of authors who have tons of books but Firefly Lane is even the author's favorite book that she has written, so that's a good sign. It is a coming of age story. It begins when two teenagers meet and become friends in 1974 and follows them to the present day. You really get attached to the characters because it feels like you have known them for so long. I am one of those people who really gets into books then doesn't want them to end. It was definitely like that for me with this book. Also, it is probably one that I could reread. I also love to read stories about girls growing up and coming into their own/adulthood because it is really relatable. Sooo I don't want to give you too many details about the story, so READ IT!

Next, you all need to go see this movie:

UP by Disney/Pixar

Ejay took my nephew and niece, ages 7 and 10, to see this last weekend in 3D. First of all, how awesome are 3D movies?! So cool. Second of all, we all loved the movie. I cried through most of it (that doesn't say much though because I shed a few tears watching a State Farm Insurance commercial the other morning. Pathetic much?) The movie had a good message and since I am an adventurer at heart it made me want to go out and have some adventure. Also, the niece and nephew loved it as well so what is better than a movie that entertains both kids AND adults. GO!

Lastly, although I missed fabulous friday last week the theme was summer treats. Here is a summer treat that I just discovered.

Whole Fruit Fruit Bar Popsicles

I didn't have this flavor. I had lime, but this one looks really good too. As does the coconut flavor. I love coconut. You should try these too, I think I am going to try all the flavors because popsicles are so refreshing!

Ok, that is all for tonight. I will be around more, I promise.

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