Monday, June 22, 2009

Happy (day late) Father's Day & 1st Day of Summer!

Yes, I am a day late, but I had such an event filled weekend that this is the first time I have sat down at the computer. Crazy! Anyway, despite being late:

Thanks, Dad!

My dad being goofy last 4th of July. He's not always this goofy, I swear, but this picture makes me laugh.
My family is crazy, but I love them.

*for teaching me how to catch a ball, ride a bike, and drive a car
*for not being mad for *too* long after I fell off said bike or crashed said car
*for keeping me laughing all of the time
*for giving me your gift of being able to fix or put together anything
*for not being killing me that time I tried to put bubble bath in the jacuzzi
*or that time I tried to ride my sled down the front stairs
*for giving me advice on anything and everything
*even when I didn't listen and made some mistakes
*for showing me what love, 40 years of marriage, wooo!
*for always being proud of all my achievements!

I love you so much, Daddio! Happy Father's Day!!

And to everyone else: HAPPY 1st DAY OF SUMMER!!
Enjoy it because it never lasts long enough!

Although, I wish I was doing this:

Since this is New England,it looks more like this outside:

Hurry up and get here, Summer, you're late!

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