Friday, June 5, 2009

Fabulous Friday!

You know what day it is right?! FABULOUS FRIDAY, of course! Go check out well that's just fabulous to see more.

And on to my fabulous summer drinks.

Frozen Margaritas

Particularly of the mango variety....although actually I'd go for strawberry, watermelon, raspberry.... etc, etc, etc! So refreshing!

Next up, for a nonalcoholic drink choice I love White Chocolate Chillers from Tastefully Simple.

I ordered them from a party but I do believe you can order them right from that website, too. They are refreshing and veryyy tasty. Mmmm. So nice on a warm summer day. I want one now!

And since that put me in the mood for a margarita, I'm off to get some Mexican food for dinner!


  1. oh gosh. That white chocolate chiller sounds delicious! I LOVE white chocolate! :-)

  2. That does sound good. :) Oooh..and Mexican food and Margaritas...yummy!

  3. I definately want to try the White Chocolate chiller. Sounds so good!!