Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Wedding Nightmare

I had a crazy, crazy dream last night.

It was Boyfriend and I's wedding (we're not married, so maybe a sneak peek at our future wedding? I don't know.) We have been dating for 5 years though, which blows my mind a little when I think about what life was like 5 years ago. For example, my niece was three when boyfriend and I started dating. Now she is eight. This means she probably doesn't even remember a time when boyfriend wasn't around. He might as well be her uncle as much as I am her aunt. Weird, eh?

Back to the story: In the dream everything was going all wrong or was not how I wanted it. First of all, we had the wedding in a big, random house we rented in some random ugly town. It wasn't pretty at all. And who gets married in a ugly ginormous house?! EW.
Not how I hope it is AT ALL.

Secondly, everyone in my fam, boyfriend's fam, and our friends were staying over night in the house (meaning we were not to going to be alone on our first night of married life, ahem, if you know what I mean!). And we had to sleep in the LIVING ROOM. Oh how I love my big, crazy fam, but not thattt much!

Then lastly, the cake got ruined. My bridesmaids were wearing the wrong dresses. And I couldn't find my shoes (barefoot brides = not a fashion statement I want to make)

Actually, it was more of a NIGHTMARE. Reaaally hope it isn't a predictor of our future wedding....

but he already knows that when the time comes for it to no longer be a dream I need to be asked in an exciting and romantic way or I'll have to say no and that I don't like circle diamond rings, only square. so i've got that going for me.

A girl's gotta have standards. Just sayin'

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