Monday, May 4, 2009

Pluses and Minuses

+I ordered some new makeup and stuff from Sephora and received it today! And since boyfriend works for a big brown company that delivers packages (haha) I did not even have to wait for it. It was just magically there when I got home :) Dontcha just love new makeup? And ps nail polish stickers, isn't that crazy?! I don't know how they'll work, but I'll let ya know.

+ I had a long, busy, fun weekend and I got to see the Kentucky Derby upset, eat lots of good food, and watch the Celts win, of course.

+ I finished not one, not two, but THREE cover letters and resume packages today. Ohhh job hunting is so not fun, but usually it takes me like 2 hrs to change my cover letter for one job and today I managed 3 in about an hour in a half. good.

+ My birthday is on Saturday. I really want this cake. Who wouldn't want Fudgie the Whale?! I just think he is adorable.

This was supposed to be a pluses and minuses entry, but then I realized I didn't have any minuses today. That's a good thing.

Happy almost Tuesday, everyone and what were YOUR pluses today?

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