Friday, May 29, 2009


It's that time again.... FABULOUS FRIDAY!!

Here are some faaabulous tv shows I am looking forward to:


I basically like most TLC shows. This one is kind of like "Ace of Cakes." That guy above is *the* cake master of USA, apparently. His family runs a cake shop and he is the boss. Basically, they just make crazy, amazing cakes, and we all say, "woaah, how is that even possible?!"


This show is my guilty pleasure. I know it is kind of geared towards guys, but I love it anyway. I mean, c'mon, getting to look at Adrian Grenier all the time. YUM! Love him!

And lastly, I will always love..... J & K + Eight

Disregarding the drama, how cute are they?! I just can't stop watching!

Have a fabulous Friday and a great weekend, everyone.
I will probably post again some other time this weekend because I've got lots to say!

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  1. Was entourage not pushed back to this fall??? I heard it was but people are posting it as a summer show. I hope I'm wrong :)

    Thanks for playing along!