Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Back in the sadddle agaiiiin.

So I totally forgot about giving you a birthday weekend update.

Howwwwever, I am going to start backwards to tell you how on Sunday afternoon I found myself sitting on a fake saddle in the middle of a restaurant with spotlights on me as waitresses screamed to a whole restaurant to yell, "Yeee Hawwww, Happy Birthday!!!" at me. You're jealous, right? I knew you would be. How lucky am I?

Kiddding. Well, that really did happen but I am kidding that I am lucky. I'm gonna go with more like horrifying, embarrassing, and freaking nerve producing. This is how it happened, my official birthday was on Saturday and I opted to just have pizza and cake at home with the fam and some friends and then go out for some drinks after. It was quite a fun time and I got lots of fun presents.... like a new shirt, a new watch, some jewelry, flip flops, an anti-gravity outdoor lounge chair (SO COMFY, although it makes you feel like you are in a dental chair!), a barnes and noble gift card, and monnneeyyy to buy more spring/summer clothes. Lovely.

On Mother's Day the fam... aka mom, dad, sis, bro-in-law, niece, nephew, the boy, and I went out to eat at the Texas Roadhouse (so fun that you get to throw peanut shells on the floor) to celebrate Mother's Day. As we were ordering my mom told the waitress it was my birthday. Oh yay. The waitress told me I better wish she never said that. This pretty much evoked fear in me and I was nervous for the entirety of the meal that someone was going to pop out at me or start singing to me out of the blue and scare me half to death! Then we ate, got our check, etc, etc, and I thought I was off the hook. Noooope. Then my horrible darling, sweet, little 8 year old niece needed to remind the waitress (who actually had forgotten by the way). Yay again. Next thing I know I am sitting on a saddle with 3 spotlights on me. Ughhhh! But what was I going to do? I couldn't flat out refuse, so I decided to be a good sport and grin and bear it while crossing my fingers that I didn't know anyone in the restaurant. I hope my mom was amused by it atleast, considering it was mother's day....

Oh yeah, I could have had a free picture with this guy (aka Andy the Armadillo) on the way out but he was nowhere to be found.


I need to get my pride back. Hahahaha

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