Monday, April 27, 2009

Great Summer Adventures

Tonight we booked our flights for our summer vacation. I am VERY excited.

We will be starting off here in Kentuckiana (Jeffersonville, IN/Louisville, KY) for the boyfriends family reunion, which I am sure will be a blast! Plus there are awesome old fashioned soda fountain stores, the paradise cafe restaurant, and of course, fried green tomatoes!

Louisville Skyline

Then we will be going to Nashville, the music city! Which I am super, super excited for because I have never been to Tennessee so I can add it to my "States I've Been to List!"

Nashville Skyline at Twilight 2

Then we will be finishing off the trip in the relaxing Great Smokey Mountains staying in a cabin in the hills complete with a jacuzzi on the porch so we can hike all day and drink margaritas in rocking chairs or the hot tub by night!! And swimming holes galore. And gorgeousness (i make up words, sorry) everywhere!!

The Great Smokies

Ohhh I can't, can't, can't wait. Any advice on really fun places to visit like live music places, shows, hikes, swimming holes, waterfalls, tubing places, restaurants, etc., etc., etc. would be much appreciated. Only three more months. I love vacations.

In the meantime I am going to good 'ole Michigan to visit the bro and his family on Memorial Day weekend, which will be fun too.

Ohhh how I love adventures!!

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