Friday, April 24, 2009

It's beginning to look a lot like SPRING!

As you know I am in LOVE with Spring/Summer. I used to live in San Jose, California where it was pretty consistently nice out ALL of the time. Almost every single day the sun would shine and I would go out with a tank top on and a light jacket in the morning and be without the jacket by the afternoon.

To be honest, it kind of stopped being excited. Although it still cracked me up that my friends there would get all excited about rainy days, kinda like myself and the New Englanders would pine away for sunny/warm days. I never really fully understood wanting it to rain, but since moving back to Massachusetts I still yearn for the days when winter turns to spring. I actually, ok, almost, enjoy the Winter just because of how happy I become/how much the world comes alive again once Spring comes. It might just be the happiest time of year.... wellll, maybe it can't quite beat out beach days, but a close second, definitely.

Here are some signs of Spring in my neighborhood:

You get to take walks in the woods like this.

Little pretty flowers grow in your yard like these.

Your puppy spends all day like this.

You play lots of backyard games like this. (The boyfriend loves to build his own games, haha)

And last but not least, and possibly most important, FLIP FLOPPED FEET! : )

Yaayyy Spring.

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